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The Biturox® Bitumen Plant in Morocco starts up

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In October 2009 Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft was awarded by the Moroccan oil company SAMIR with the design and construction of a Biturox® Bitumen Plant.

The Project

The plant with a nominal capacity of 270.000 TPA of road paving bitumen including two storage tanks at 5.500m³ and HGV filling station is one of the largest contracts in the field of bitumen production in Pörner’s history. Pörner acted as general contractor „Lump Sum Turnkey“, including all supplies and services required for this project.

Lump Sum Turnkey

Beginning with the granting of license and financial support, Pörner Group executed the project management, basic and detailed engineering including vessels, piping, structural, electrical engineering and instrumentation, supply of equipment and erection on-site up to the commissioning civil works. The project was completed for the fixed agreed price and handed over on schedule in July 2011 with the performance test successfully done. The new plant enables SAMIR to deliver the total Moroccan demand of road paving bitumen. Pörner, the Austrian engineering company for the construction of process plants is world market leader in the design and construction of Oxidation Plants to produce high-grade road paving Bitumen.

Premium Products

The Biturox® Process allows the production of high-quality Bitumen Polymers out of a large variety of crude oils at low-costs without additives such as catalysts, additives or polymers. Bitumen is beside Portland Cement the most important construction material worldwide. More than 8% of worldwide bitumen production is produced by Biturox® Bitumen Plants licensed by Pörner.

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