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EDL goes ILA

EDL presents the first PtL plant for the production of 50,000 t/a ASTM-certified kerosene at the International Air Show (ILA).

The 3D printed model of the HyKero plant

CEO of EDL, Dr. Michael Haid, giving his lecture

Sustainability and climate protection are two of the major topics of this year's International Air Show (ILA) taking place in Berlin from June 22 to 26, 2022. The goal to reduce CO2 emissions in aviation by 50% by 2050 is very ambitious. The exhibition, however, shows how green flying can be achieved.

At the booth of aireg e.V., the Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany, EDL presents the first industrial plant for the production of 50,000 t/a of sustainable, synthetic aviation fuel. The project combines the production of green hydrogen with the production of PtL kerosene. The project allows to make an essential contribution to the decarbonization of the aviation industry and to reduce CO2 emissions significantly. Moreover, the innovative plant design enables the system to be operated emission-free in terms of the eco-balance by completely utilizing the process gases within the plant. The 3D printed model of the HyKero plant shows the complexity of the production process.

EDL’s CEO, Dr. Michael Haid, gave a lecture on "SAF - Drop-in Fuels for Aviation" within the accompanying program of the exhibition. He explained different pathways to produce synthetic SAF and presented the HyKero project. In conclusion, he also referred to required changes to the legal framework in order to achieve the climate target.


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