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Pörner Linz completed Borealis Gas Project successfully

Revamp of gas pressure reducing station

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In December 2011 Borealis Agrolinz Melamine AG, Austria’s largest natural gas consumer, awarded Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in Linz with the revamp of the natural gas pressure reducing station ”Bau 180” at the customer’s premises in Linz. The station reduces the pressure of 70,000 m³ (STP)/h natural gas from up to 64 bar to 18 - 45 bar.

The intended gas pipeline pressure increase for grid gas required to replace the gas pressure reducing station equipment. Only in October 2011 Pörner Linz erected and commissioned a natural gas pressure reducing station for Salzburg AG. Mainly because of this reference the engineering office in Linz was assigned to conduct a study for problem solving.

Three options were elaborated in this study. To ensure operational safety and to fulfill higher pressure requirements it was decided to replace all components in the main line (grid gas connection – preheating – pressure reducing valve).

Pörner Linz was in charge of the basic engineering as well as general planning services. The retrofitting was performed during running operation. The station was implemented and integrated into the existing plants in six sub-steps to ensure safe operation at any time.

During the last revamp the works were successfully completed on time and within budget. Particularly worth mentioning is the very good cooperation with the customer, who was more than satisfied with the implemented project.


Mag. Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing
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