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Safety is a top level issue: Our goal – zero accident!

HSSE audit by management during turnaround at Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt

Refinery Manager Ralf Seid (GRI), Managing Director Daniel Oryan and Head of Contracts Michael Esser (both EDL) at the Safety Walk Audit. (from right to left)

Since the end of February, the turnaround - the legally required general overhaul - has been underway at Gunvor Refinery in Ingolstadt (GRI). EDL from Leipzig also provides support to this turnaround.

After successful completion of the engineering phase for a new flue gas desulfurization system, EDL also took over the site management in this project as part of the EPCm contract and is therefore responsible for safe processes on site. Our commitment is: zero accidents!

Safety of people and environment has top priority when working in a refinery. For this reason, Refinery Manager Ralf Seid and EDL’s Managing Director Daniel Oryan convinced themselves during a safety walk audit that the HSSE management system is observed. Only if all people involved are highly aware of HSSE issues, a safe working environment and working conditions can be ensured that protect everyone from risks and hazards on the construction site.

EDL recognizes its responsibility for safety and health of all persons who accomplish tasks for EDL or on behalf of EDL or who are in EDL's area of responsibility. No distinction is made between internal or external employees, suppliers, contractors, customers or visitors.


We wish everyone involved a successful and accident-free turnaround!



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