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Anlagenbau 4.0 - for an optimized plant in every way

Anlagenbau 4.0 stands for Pörner‘s Mission, by using the most modern means available (technologies, systems, components, automation) to holistically plan, design and realize, together with the customer, the world’s most productive plant ("Plant 4.0").

With the view of future-proof, flexible operations for several decades:

  • For the production of modern products that are superior to the competition
  • With customized processes and technologies, equipped with the best available systems and components in the world market
  • With minimum operating resources and energy consumption
  • With all the features of modern environmental technology
  • Fully automated with monitoring and analysis functions ("Industry 4.0")  
The holistic, synergistic design of the work completed by Pörner results in an optimized plant in every way "from one hand".

The value proposition

Anlagenbau 4.0 includes three performance promises from Pörner:

  1. Development of individual projects ("FEED by Pörner"), together with the customer
  2. Professional and flexible project management (planning, procurement, construction, commissioning)
  3. in-time and on-budget completion of the entire process plant

Many references of new plants and revamps ("Revamp by Pörner") prove that Pörner continuously fulfills what is crucial for the success of each project. 

With Anlagenbau 4.0, Pörner, as an independent engineering company, with its adaptable engineering structure, the combined knowledge of 580 engineers and specialists as well as decades of international experience, achieves a decisive lead in productivity for the client’s plant for many years.


Implementation of "Anlagenbau 4.0" can be done in several ways:

  • Minor Alterations and fixtures can be carried out continuously and progressively at the most economic priority. Often it is relatively small improvements that cause a comparatively large effect.
  • Total reconstructions can be, if well planned and carefully prepared, carried out within plant shutdowns in a few weeks as a "concerted effort".
  • In the planning and construction of new plants, the best, holistic concept is realized with the best technologies, equipment and systems available today are optimally used for the project in the beginning.