New Safe Confinement in Tschernobyl

Engineering for the design and construction of the New Safe Confinement (NSC), the new safety arch for parts of the damaged nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Read more about this project here.

Gazintek, the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Pörner Group, has provided detailed engineering of the support systems for ventilation ducts, cable trays, lifting systems and platforms for this gigantic (first in the history of engineering) project, since 2011.

  • Client: Novarka
  • Location: Chernobyl / Ukraine
  • Scope of work: 
    • Detailed engineering for making system of ventilation ducts, cable trays, lifting systems and platforms
    • Positioning of the support systems based on 3D models
    • Calculation of stresses in the channels and the loads on the support systems
    • Definition, design, design optimization and 2D KM drawings for the necessary support
    • Verification of the arch behavior under earthquake conditions
  • Commissioning: 2011-2017

Gas Desulfurization Plant

General planning of a gas desulfurization plant subsequent to a nickel plant which will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 95% & produce 600000 tpa sulfur and thus contributing to the environmental protection of the Arctic Circle. For the project, consisting of 25 sub plants, Pörner was nominated for the Austrian State Award for Consulting 2015.

  • Client: OAO Norilsk Nickel
  • Location: Norilsk / Russia
  • Scope of work:
    • Overall coordination and management of the entire service package consisting of:
    • FEED design
    • Authority engineering together with the therfore necessary detailed planning
    • Current inventory
    • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) with public participation
    • Disassembly plans & planning of new plants within the factory premises
    • Tendering of the technological equipment
    • Cost and schedule planning
  • Time: 2015

BPTG - Back Pressure Turbine & Generator

Installation of a 5,8 MW Back Pressure Turbine for electricity production with HP/MP (high pressure/medium pressure) and MP/LP steam back pressure with 6 kV/50Hz electric power generator

  • Client: OMV Petrom SA
  • Location: Petrobrazi / Romania
  • Scope of work:
    • EPCM incl.:
    • Authority engineering
    • Detail engineering
    • Procurement
    • Expediting
    • Construction supervision
    • pre-commissioning and start-up
    • operator training
  • Commissioning: 2015

Rhine Harbour Steam Turbine Power Plant Block 8

Planning and installation of the connecting piping system for a coal fired power plant (incl. district heating, process water, cooling and waste water systems, air pressure and heating systems)

  • Client: Kremsmüller Gruppe
  • Location: Karlsruhe / Germany
  • Scope of work:
    • Complete engineering services incl. process engineering
    • Preparation of the overall technical concept
    • Basic engineering
    • Detail engineering
    • Project management
    • Construction coordination
    • Commissioning support 
    • Training and documentation
  • Commissioning: 2012

Synthetic Fuels Plant

Installation of a plant for production of synthetic fuels with biomass gasification using the Carbo-V® technology of CHOREN Industries GmbH, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, energy feed according to German regulation EEG, 2,3 MW electric power. The overall investment sums up to approx. 100 Mio. EUR.

  • Location: Freiberg / Deutschland
  • Scope of work:
    • Basic engineering
    • Authority engineering assistance
    • Detailed engineering
    • Procurement
    • Construction supervision
    • Acceptance tests/Tests
    • Commissioning
  • Commissioning: 2008

Bioethanol Plant Pischelsdorf

General planning and installation of a bioethanol plant for the production of 240.000 m³ Bioethanol (the biggest industrial plant of Austria within renewable resources) with investment volume of 125 Mio. EUR.

In the Governmental approval procedure a positive notification was received within only 7 months and in only 14 months the plant was completed within time and budget.

  • Client: Agrana AG
  • Location: Pischelsdorf / Austria
  • Scope of work:
    • General planning
    • Estimation of investment cost
    • Authority engineering incl. UVP
    • Detailed engineering incl. tendering
    • Technical procurement
    • Site supervision
    • Commissioning support
  • Commissioning: 2007

Click HERE to see a video about the Bioethanol plant processing (Pörner YouTube Channel)


Biogas Plant

Biogas plant with production of 3.000 Nm3/h/reactor

Biogas from sugar beet slices a sugar factory's by-product. The factory utilizes the gas for its own purpose and for reduction of natural gas consuption.

  • Client: Magyar Cukor ZRt
  • Location: Kaposvár, Hungary 
  • Scope of work:
    • Authority engineering assistance
    • Plant concept
  • Commissioning: 2007 

CCPP Thessaloniki Energy Plant

Installation of a 390 MW Gas-Combination Energy Plant in Thessaloniki with a gas turbine including a heat recovery boiler and a condensate-vapor-turbine with an overall invest of € 190 m. 

  • Client: VA TECH HYDRO as general-contractor of Energiaki Thessaloniki S.A.
  • Location: Thessaloniki / Greece
  • Scope of work:
    • Authority engineering incl. UVP
    • Detailed planning for civil engineering
    • Bottom chord planning
    • Statical/constructional engineering
  • Commissioning: 2005

Blast Furnace A / Revamp Central Blower

General planning of central blower unit of blast furnace A (steam boiler, steam turbine, blast compressor, utility and gas piping, civil and steel structure and infrastructural equipment) and engineering of electrical, instrumentation and PLC for blast furnace A

  • Client: VOEST Alpine Stahl
  • Location: Linz / Austria
  • Scope of work:
    • General planning of central blower unit 2 
    • Basic engineering
    • Procurement support
    • Site supervision
    • Commissioning support
  • Commissioning: 2004

Revamp Energy Plant Coolkeeragh

Extension of the power and long-distance energy plant Coolkeeragh

  • Client: VA TECH HYDRO
  • Location: Coolkeeragh / Ireland
  • Scope of work:
    • Detailed engineering of steel structure
    • Piping for cooling water in and outlet building and boiler and turbine house
    • Procurement assistance
    • Site supervision
  • Commissioning: 2004

Energy Plant Csepel II

Installation of the power and long-distance energy plant Csepel II

  • Client: AST
  • Operator: Csepeli Aramtermelö RT
  • Location: Budapest / Hungary
  • Scope of work:
    • Authority engineering
    • Underground and civil detailed engineering for boiler and turbine house, cooling water in and outlet building, tank yard and off-sites, battery limit coordination
  • Commissioning: 2000