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welcome to the power-team!

Your career at Pörner!

Corporate culture

Team spirit and personal responsibility play an equally important part in the corporate culture of the Pörner Group where generalists and specialists combine their efforts.


IIn times where big engineering firms are sold, fragmented or have to close their doors forever, Pörner has been able to double its capacity, turnover and revenues.


Our success is rooted in the diligence and skills of the Pörner engineers and our distinct engineering culture that is easier to experience in practice than to describe it by a fewprinciples and guidelines


Modification of a Lao-Tse quote

  • a good business needs few targets
  • a good business needs few rules
  • a good business needs little control
  • a good business needs little hierarchy
  • because everyone knows what to do
  • everyone knows how to do the job
  • because all can rely on each other.


It is simply a pleasure to plan and design plants and  see the result of the efforts eight months later in full swing...

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Trust and satisfaction result in a long-lasting co-operation
    We want to win our customers' confidence in our productivity and preserve this satisfaction by excellent engineering solutions.
  2. Our work: an inspiring part of our live
    As creative and reliable engineers we give our best in planning and executing projects entrusted to us because we consider our work and its appreciation a major part of our live. 
  3. World leadership through knowledge and innovation
    We are committed to life-long learning and invest into the future by innovations to keep this engineering firm in the fore in terms of efficiency and technology.
  4. Good money for good work
    We see ourselves as a company that maximizes the customer's productivity and profit by high-quality services. Accordingly, we work and act profit-orientated. We undertake no project, however, that might be harmful to humans and the environment.
  5. Team spirit and brain trust
    We respect and appreciate the willingness and commitment, the knowledge and experience of each individual employee as our most valuable asset. Teamwork multiplies our potential. Therefore, we put together a team of the brightest minds for every single project who is able to solve optimally the tasks at hand.
  6. Co-operation
    We are open to technological and strategic alliances with our Austrian and international customers, know- how partners and suppliers. Technological partnerships and international co-operation are to enhance the outcome of our work.
  7. Quality
    We execute the projects entrusted to us by applying the most advanced techniques in accordance with internationally approved rules of execution and maintain this way a high quality of our work.

Pörner's Code of Conduct