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Welcome to Pörner Grimma - The Formaldehyde Technology Centre

Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Grimma was established in 1992 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. Since 2018, Pörner Grimma operates a branch in Burghausen, Bavaria.

In 2003 the company became the formaldehyde and derivatives technology center of the Pörner Group. In collaboration with renowned European licensors and know-how partners Pörner Grimma provides all servicesfor the engineering and construction of plants of this product family (formalin, UFC, paraformaldehyde, hexamine, UF, MUF, MF, PF resins, novolak  and bakelites, acetaldehydes, pentaerythritol, polyester and alkyd resins) as EPC contractor

In the last few years plants of this technology family were built in Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, Canada and successfully put into operation. The large number of referencesare evidence of the success of this technology-oriented plant engineering strategy.

Focussing New Technologies

Teaming up with international technology and production partners Pörner Grimma realizes new technologies, such as solar silicon or develops absolutely novel technologies, such as highly purified silicates from rice hulls (Bio-Silicate Technology). Research and development are constantly driven forward. Through intensive exchange of resources among all companies of the Pörner Group and with EDL based in Leipzig and Gazintek in Kiev in particular, plants of the latest generation are created.

International plant engineering

The highly committed team at Grimma serves not only the German market but has also won international acclaim as an engineering contractor with specialists in all disciplines. The main focus of activities remains Central and Eastern Europe, however. 

In peak times the engineers can always resort to the specialists of the affiliated companies of the Pörner Group.

Our policy: Success by competence