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Revamped by Pörner

With REVAMPED by Pörner, the Pörner Group provides a clearly defined package of services to modernize process plants that have been in operation for a long time, and making them state of the art once again.


"REVAMPED by Pörner" means a triple optimization

  • Optimum engineering - a clearly defined, complete package for the customer. The revamp from one hand 
  • Optimal realization - a well-managed and coordinated overall performance that is tailored to the specific revamp requirements, a well-structured plan for the shortest possible stoppage of production
  • Optimized operation - a smooth plant operation, where all production processes are perfectly coordinated and beyond years working

The result is a plant that is planned, configured, procured and implemented holistically in the shortest possible time, through the concept Anlagenbau 4.0, which ensures marketability and economic production for many years.

"We have managed to complete the investment at 10 % below the budgeted EUR 30 million, as well as a month ahead of schedule. The plant also worked sensationally, right away."

Th. Gangl, Head of OMV-Raffinerie Schwechat concerning the Pörner-Revamp of the butadiene plant (Source: Wirtschaftsblatt 5.11.14, p. 6)

Revamp – the benefits

With REVAMPED by Pörner the plants profitability is maximized. The investment cost to bring a process plant up to date technically, pays for itself in a very short time, due to higher production capacity, reduced energy consumption and improved availability. Many construction projects can take place in stages during scheduled shutdowns of the plant.

The modernization of production plants has many advantages:
  • Short Return on Investment
  • Minimal shutdown time
  • Increase in product quantities
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Increasing operational reliability and availability
  • Optimizing operating costs
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Improving the environmental performance

"With the help of our Anlagenbau 4.0 concept, we guarantee our customers an optimized plant in every way, and the effective realization of the revamp."

A. Pörner

Revamped by Pörner - Features

A revamp is usually considerably cheaper than a new construction, but planning and implementation are very complex and require high expertise and all work needs to be structured to fit smoothly in the short plant shutdowns.

  • Process engineering: key to good planning is a sound process technology. 10% of all Pörner engineers are trained process engineers, finding a customized technological solution for adapting to all market requirements
  • Global Sourcing: Experienced generalists develop together with the plant operator the best solution, tailored and demand-meeting, using the most modern components and systems. Pörner maintains longstanding relationships with the leading suppliers and manufacturers and is able to procure the best equipment in the world market.
  • Logistic concepts, disassembly / assembly work: The precise planning of disassembly and assembly work and the preparation of detailed logistics concepts ensure the safe transport of the often oversized special equipment.
  • From one source - Integrated Engineering: From planning to authorities engineering, procurement and expediting up to construction management - Pörner has all necessary disciplines and departments in-house. Direct communication and joint organization and scheduling simplifies the coordination and shortens the work process.

"The best plants will still cost less than 20 years of subpar operation“

E. Gotter

revamped by pörner - the specialist

Pörner has repeatedly demonstrated that revamps can be successfully carried out in compliance with agreed budgets, schedules and all applicable rules, in limited space and with inclusion of existing buildings.

About 60 revamp projects for refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry companies have been implemented - in compliance with the time and budget constraints - in the past decade.

This is achieved through a holistic FEED consideration at the beginning of a project and intelligent project management. Knowledge and experience enable Pörner project managers and generalists to not only identify potentials and opportunities, but also to recognize potential weaknesses of a project in short time periods.

With this acquired knowledge, Pörner handles each Revamp project in accordance with the holistic concept ofAnlagenbau 4.0, thus achieving optimal operation of a plant in all major areas, such as product quality and quantity, system control and monitoring, resource conservation, energy efficiency and environmental performance.

At a glance:

 Pörner's specific services:

  • Customized process solutions for the modernization of existing plants
  • Intelligent implementation of innovative technologies, new technical solutions and system components
  • Competent and efficient project and site management
  • Development and implementation of modern safety and environmental friendly system concepts
  • Implementation of revamp measures in extremely short downtimes
  • Precise planning of disassembly and assembly work, and preparation of detailed logistics concepts for the transport of special equipment

Selected References: Revamped by Pörner

Pörner is a specialist in revamps, for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical and industrial industries. Well-known companies such as Shell, TOTAL, PCK Schwedt and OMV are among the customers.