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Continuing Education

The project business in plant engineering is subject to constant changes and new requirements, be it by customers, technical developments or new statutory provisions. To maintain the competitiveness and performance capability of the Pörner Group, it is important for our employees to grow with the new environmental conditions and translate the knowledge acquired into practice when it comes to project implementation. To this end the Pörner Academy was launched.    

Internal Trainings

Most of the Pörner Group employees are graduates in a technical education (HTL, university of applied sciences or university). The practical know-how for process plant engineering takes place at the company itself by intern trainings.  

It is part of Pörner’s corporate culture that experienced employees pass on their know-how to the up-and-coming talents in an "on the job" fashion. In line with the growing experience the younger staff is entrusted step by step with more challenging tasks and projects.  

Advanced technologies demand increasing requirements, that are mastered as a team and together innovative solutions are developed for our clients' projects.

The Pörner Academy

The Pörner Academy is an institution of the Pörner Group the purpose of which being the advancement and further qualification of our employees. 

The Pörner Academy gathers information on the education and training needs of individual employees of departments and on cross-departmental (interdisciplinary) level. 

The training program of the Pörner Academy is based on four pillars

  1. Youngster training for newly recruited engineers and other employees 
  2. Department-specific training for technical qualification and brushing up know-how
  3. Interdisciplinary training provides technical qualification of overriding importance, understanding among the specialist departments and project implementation  
  4. External training to broaden the Pörner expertise as well as for personal advancement and language training.  

The certificates of attendance issued by the Pörner Academy furnish formal proof of the increased competences of our employees towards customers and other interested parties.

The Youngster Training

For newcomers to the plant engineering business and the company members of the management hold the so-called Youngster Training.  

On several evenings the new recruits are given personal insights into structures, business objectives and strategies of the Pörner Group by presentations and related discussions. Aside from that aspects of business ethics are discussed and proactive communication skills practiced. 

All parties involved meet at eye level and learn to understand in a better way the different roles they play for the success of a project.   

Interdisciplinary Trainings

The interdisciplinary training is also held within the company but on a cross-departmental level. The focus is on technical qualification of overriding importance as well organization and project implementation.   

External Training

This kind of training is directed at know-how that is not available within the Pörner Group and must therefore be acquired externally. The focus is on the development and expansion of Pörner know-how, including new norms and legal provisions, and the personal advancement.  

Besides the proposals by the department managers employees may submit their own proposals that are discussed and agreed upon with the superior concerned and the HR department. 

2. Abteilungsspezifische Schulungen

Die abteilungsspezifischen Schulungen sind Pörner intern und werden innerhalb und speziell für eine Abteilung durchgeführt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der technischen Weiterentwicklung und dem Auffrischen von Fachwissen.