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Procurement - Global Sourcing

The Pörner Group designs and supplies complete process plants across the world based on the client´s specifications and standards and  applicable national standards and norms (DIN, ANSI, GOST...).

Equipment is sourced globally from the most reputable international vendors and is complemented by components (steel structures, apparatuses, vessels, electrical systems) and services that are available on the local market at good value for money.

The way to produce plants of high availability at reasonable total costs.



Our extensive experience in handling equipment whatever the destination is gives our clients the security that all components of the plant arrive at the right site and the right time.

All parties concerned, such as investors, banks and insurances, ministries, and chambers, finance and customs authorities  in the export, transit and import countries, or independent inspectors are  involved in project execution.

Our customers have only one single contact: the Pörner project manager