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Legal Compliance

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

There are legal regulations that govern builders and trades people that include the following:

  • Trade Regulations
  • Employee Protection Act
  • Workplace Ordinance
  • Building codes
  • Fire regulations etc.

These regulations require various measures to be taken in to account as well as being subject to constant change. In addition the requirements for supply, conversion and new construction need to be met. 

For example in October 2014 the Vienna Building Code § 128a made certain conditions compulsory as a building book for civil engineers.

The Pörner construction technologists evaluate the latest consensus and authorities as well as legislation that applies to each project. The client can also receive and action plan outlining all the necessary elements. This is monitored on a both one-time basis as well as for recurring activities and obligations.

Pörner also works to keep the client informed by supplying them with all the necessary documents and authorities to bring as well as to submit.