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3. Revamp RD4: increase of production yield of crude oil distillation plant

Pörner Group modernized the crude oil distillation plant RD4 in Schwechat in a very short time window. After awarding of the contract by OMV commissioning was reached within five months. The Pörner engineers’ competence, innovative engagement and on-the-spot experience paid. The project was completed to the utmost customer satisfaction. Now the RD4 plant is enabled to stabilize the total gasoline amount from main column and pre-flasher.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Pörner Ingenieure bei der Abnahme der Destillationsanlage RD4

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[Translate to Englisch:] Pörner Ingenieure bei der Abnahme der Destillationsanlage RD4

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[Translate to Englisch:] Ing. H. Kirschbichler, Senior-Projektleiter OMV


The flexibility to handle projects with short lead time was demonstrated by the Pörner Group engineers when, in November 2015 further parts from the 2012 FEED were requested by OMV to be implemented in the 2016 stop. At this time, the turnaround plans were already well advanced.

The heart of the refinery, the crude oil distillation plant, had to be modernized in the project "opportunity crudes" so that all gasoline from the main column and pre-flasher can be stabilized. In addition, a further improvement in product yield and optimization of plant operation should be achieved.

The challenge with the RD4-OC project consisted firstly of the very short processing and delivery time. Secondly, the process engineers had to examine all in the meantime initiated projects, the resultant changes as well as their impact on the RD4 plant and configure the plant components accordingly.

Ing. Heinz Kirschbichler, OMV senior project manager quotes: “We work in a project environment, where best practice for security and quality are a must and highest requirements are placed to men and material. To master projects with these necessary tight framework conditions under enormous cost and time pressure, from planning to operations, we need reliable, contract loyal and flexible partners.
In EDL/Pörner with their committed and solution-oriented employees we got such a partner! I would like to thank you for this excellent project performance and the professional as well as human cooperation, that accompanied our common revamp activities to complete success.”

The scope of this project included the complete engineering package, procurement of equipment, construction supervision as well as inspection and expediting. Because of the contracted services, the devision of labour between the Pörner locations served in this project well again. The plant was upgraded and extanted, so that it can now also be operated in partial-load range.

The implementation of the plant took place at the TAR 2016: The on-schedule completion was announced and the plant handed over to OMV on 29.04.2016.


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