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Pörner Group 100% owner of Gazintek

Focus on Eastern Europe

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Over the last 15 years Pörner has expanded its business activities particularly to the upcoming neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe and thereby expanded its network of engineering competence.

The consequent strategic step was to buy the remaining 30% of the shares in the Ukraine Gazintek, which performs high-quality engineering services for leading western gas companies in late 2006. Due to its specialization in 3D piping Gazintek supports other Pörner Group members and plays a decisive role in delivery transactions of Pörner Vienna and Grimma to Russian-speaking regions.

The latest commitment of Pörner Group in Eastern Europe referes to Romania, where Pörner will establish in Ploieşti an engineering office. From the very beginning attention will be paided to a high process culture. By transferring Pörner?s time-tested culture of reliable project implementation this new company is likly of getting a foothold in the market for refinery services quickly.


Mag. Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing
Pörner Group
Tel.: +43 5 05899-718