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Bottom of the Barrel: Papers presented at symposia in Mozyr and Vienna by Pörner Group

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Due to persistently low crude oil prices refineries try hard to further enhance their productivity and profitability. Hence refineries are more and more interested in special technologies for processing of heavy residues – the so called ‚bottom of the barrel‘.
Conferences offer a good opportunity to learn about new technologies, exchange information as well as explore chances for potential business. On a positive note, Pörner/EDL have repeatedly been asked to be a speaker at international symposia quite recently.  

Pörner Group presents papers at symposia in Mozyr and Vienna

Vincent Frate (Process Engineer of Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft, Vienna) and Dr. Rolf Gambert (Head of Process Division at EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft, Leipzig) will speak at two conferences:

  1. at the STC (Scientific-Technical Conference) to be held in Mozyr, Republic of Belarus from May 24 to May 25, 2017, and
  2. at the IRPC Europe (International Refining & Petrochemicals Conference) to be held in Vienna, Austria from June 6 to June 7, 2017.

Under the title ‘Efficient use of vacuum residues to produce high-quality multigrade bitumen out of waxy crudes using SDA and Biturox® technology’ they give insights into their decades-long technological experience and lab tests at own pilot plants.


With the SDA technology refineries can produce valuable DAO to be further processed e. g. in FCC and HC plants, whereas high-quality multigrade bitumen is produced using the worldwide proven Biturox® process. A combination of the SDA and Biturox® technology is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for an almost complete processing of residues and for the production of valuable niche products. This residue processing technology marks itself off from other processes such as coking, gasification or deep cracking by considerably lower investment costs.


As a ‚bottom of the barrel specialist‘ the Pörner Group offers its customers - apart from complete engineering services - a reliable and efficient plant design developed and proven by modern lab tests, analyses and simulations.



Mag. Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing
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