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The 50 Top plant manufacturer 2016

The Pörner Group is Austria's largest engineering company

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FACTORY, an Austrian business magazine, annually publishes the ranking of the 50 largest plant manufacturer in Austria on the basis of sales and employee figures. This data of all well-known plant manufacturers provides an excellent market overview for industrial and business decision-makers. The sequence scale is the turnover for the business year 2015.

The Pörner Group is listed as the number 24 “plant manufacturer”. But this position requires an explanation: Pörner does not manufacture or assemble plants. It is primarily an engineering company planning plants, but is also capable of delivering if required.
In recent years 50 – 70 % of the turnover resulted from high-quality engineering services. Planning and implementation services in the process plant sector amount empirically to 10 - 15 % of the investment costs. This translates into a total annual amount of implemented plants by Pörner valuing between 250 – 300 Mill. EUR.

Therefore it is official: the Pörner Group is Austria’s largest plant engineering company.   
The volatile market of the plant engineering and manufacturer business is well known for its great leaps in turnover and 2016 was an eventful year for Austria’s plant manufacturer elite: from bankrupt companies, risky rescue actions and genuine tumblers through to Chinese acquisitions.
Against this backdrop, the Pörner Group succeeded to prove itself as world market leader for bitumen technology and as technology-oriented engineering company for complete plants. As an innovative service provider and with the concept of “Anlagenbau 4.0”, Pörner ensures sustainable, productive industrial plants.


Please read the interview with managing director Andreas Pörner in the mood barometer 2016. (p. 18ff, FACTORY issue 11/2016)

Top-50-Ranking of the plant manufacturer elite Austria`s (German Homepage FACTORY)



Mag. Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing
Pörner Group
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