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The third Metafrax formalin plant in Gubakha put into operation

Metafrax successfully commissioned and started up a new Dynea fasil® formalin plant in Gubakha / Russia together with its licensor Dynea AS. Pörner Grimma supported Dynea AS as an engineering partner for the piping and electrical design, during the two-and-a-half-year project duration.

On October 23rd, 2021, the reaction in the reactor for formaldehyde synthesis started after the raw material, methanol, was delivered. Thus, the new 55% silver formalin production plant in Gubakha / Russia commenced operation successfully. After the first test run, Alexandr Vdovin, technical director of PJSC Metafrax Chemicals, is pleased: “The result is a final product that meets the quality standard.”

Dynea AS signed a Design, Supply and License contract with Metafrax in April 2019 for a new Dynea fasil® formalin plant. This is the second plant Metafrax has licensed from Dynea AS, The new plant with a capacity of 180.000 TPA of 55% formalin was integrated into the newly built paraformaldehyde-formalin production complex. With this, Metafrax is increasing its internal methanol processing capacity to 450,000 TPA. In the future, Metafrax will primarily supply the produced formalin to Metadynea in Gubakha, where it will be used to produce resins, and for its production of pentaerythritol and hexamine. 

Pörner Grimma – the Formalin Competence Center of the Pörner Group

 Dynea AS, headquartered in Lillerstrom / Norway signed an engineering and procurement (EP) contract with Pörner Grimma for the preparation of the 3D plant model, piping design, electrical design and supplied the piping material as well as the MCC (Motor Control Center).

Specialized knowledge of plants for the production of formalin and formalin derivatives made Pörner in Grimma the suitable engineering partner. Furthermore, the Pörner engineers are already familiar with Metafrax, as they have realized several projects for the company founded in 1955. This includes a formalin plant (2006), a novolak and powder bakelite plant (Orekhovo-Zuevo, 2009), a polyamide 6 plant (2009), and a hexamine plant (2011), as well as various projects for the Austrian subsidiary Metadynea Austria.

Pörner also has a long and successful partnership with Dynea AS. In the past 20 years, Pörner and Dynea AS have worked together successfully on 14 projects worldwide in various contract constellations.

Another advantage for the project realization was Pörner’s subsidiary in Moscow. The Russian experts of OOO Pörner Group Russia know the Russian norms and standards and could assist with translation work.

Managing Director of Pörner Grimma, Gerhard Bacher, was pleased with the good cooperative work and the timely completion of the chemical project, which started in mid-2019. “Working with Dynea AS has always been functioning properly and on a friendly basis – the same applies to Metafrax.”

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The third formalin plant was put in operation at “Metafrax” in Gubakha



Dynea AS, with headquarters in Lillestrøm/Norwegian, is a leader in developing and providing high performance adhesives, surfacing solutions and formaldehyde process technology.  

Over the last 60 years, Dynea AS has designed, constructed and commissioned more than 50 formaldehyde plants around the world.

As part of an aggressive plan to get more projects done, Dynea AS now launched “fasil” (formaldehyde silver), a new brand name for its existing formaldehyde silver technology, for the production of formalin. The process has been constantly improved to become the most preferred technical and economical formaldehyde process for its international customers.

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PJSC “Metafrax” is one of the most dynamic chemical companies in Russia and the largest manufacturer of methanol and its derivatives, with production output of RUB 71 billion in 2018 and 3,000 employees. The production range includes methanol, formalin, pentaerythritol, hexamethylenetetramine, urea-formaldehyde concentrate, polyamide, sodium formate and in the future there will be ammonia, urea and melamine.

The parent corporation Metafrax has its headquarters in Gubakha. The group also includes the modern resin production company OOO Metadynea with two production sites in the Moscow region and in Gubakha, the oldest chemical plant Karbolit in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, and the formaldehyde and resin plant Metadynea Austria GmbH in Krems (Austria).

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