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Opening of the Energy World in the Blue Lagoon

Exhibition building for Europe?s largest prefabricated houses center engineered and realized by Pörner+Partner.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Energie Welt im Süden von Wien

The Energy World - an information and consulting platform to increase energy efficiency in Austria ? opened in the Blue Lagoon, Europe?s largest prefabricated houses center in the south of Vienna opened on March 20, 2009. People interested both in new buildings and refurbishments can inform themselves about conscious handling of energy resources in this visitors center designed as a world of experience.

Architecture, planning and technical issues of the Energy World turned out to be very challenging for Pörner+Partner since they had to meet the following criteria: well-adjusted incorporation of the building into the existing area with a clearly optical distinction to the model houses, trend-setting architecture, good usability as visitors? center with logistically perfect visitors? guidance and accessibility, highest possible energy efficiency and last but not least: acceptable project costs.

Based on the existing preliminary draft Pörner+Partner was contract awarded in June 2008 to engineer and realize the project in shortest possible time. Due to the tight schedule it was necessary to execute the basic engineering and authority engineering, the structural detail engineering as well as the tendering procedure and placing of orders nearly at the same time. At the end of August the site was opened; the quite sophisticated building was completed in late December 2008, i. e. after a 4 months? construction time only. The months of January and February 2009 were needed to do the finishing, commissioning and preparation of the exhibition.


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