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Green light up for HyKero

Saxon State Ministry sets the course for sustainable flying

Implementing the dream of "green" flying – this is the goal, EDL started to realize in February 2021. Since then, the technology-oriented plant engineering company has been developing the project to build the world's first industrial plant, which is to produce 50,000 t/a of sustainable aviation fuel based on renewable electricity in the Böhlen-Lippendorf industrial park from 2026.

On November 29, 2022, a crucial milestone in the project was reached. The Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport set the course for funding three further hydrogen projects in the Free State of Saxony - among them two projects of EDL:

  • "LHyVE Erzeugung" - the production of sustainable hydrogen by means of electrolysis and
  • “HyKero” – the production of green PtL kerosene, green naphtha and green hydrogen.

Last year, both projects were selected by the federal government to obtain funding as part of the hydrogen IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest). When funding is finally approved, the Free State of Saxony will grant 30% of the funding amount, the remaining 70% will be granted by the federal government.

EDL’s projects are part of the joint ‘LHyVE’ project (the abbreviation stands for Leipzig Hydrogen Value chain for Europe), whose activities are aimed at the production, storage, transport and distribution of green hydrogen. Together with its partners ONTRAS, Leipziger Gruppe and VNG, EDL is working on setting up an intelligent and regionally networked green hydrogen system in and around Leipzig.

With an efficient hydrogen economy, added value can be increased in the region, especially in the industry, logistics, aviation, mobility and the energy sector.





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