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High & Heavy: the journey of a desulphurization reactor

An OMV video documentation about the supply of the new HDS3 reactor for the desulfurization plant

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OMV has published an interesting reporting movie and a time-lapse movie about the supply, transport and erection of the new 24 meter high and 380-ton reactor for the HDS3 plant at the Schwechat refinery in June 2015.

Learn more about the precise work, the specially constructed hoisting crane and the installation which succeeded without readjustments:


Time lapse


The HDS3 project

The HDS3 plant of the Schwechat refinery commissioned back in 1981 is designed for the desulfurization and NOx control of vacuum gas oils. Since the mechanical service life of one of the two reactors will expire, it will be replaced by a new one to be integrated into the system in April 2016.

EDL and Pörner Vienna were awarded by OMV the contract for the refurbishment of the HDS3 plant, including the basic and detail engineering, procurement of equipment as well as construction supervision and commissioning assistance.

The EDL/Pörner team provided the FEED as basis for the cost estimate incl. all necessary engineering documents and implementation strategies. Part of the FEED included the ordering of long-lead items for the new reactor, the star of the movie.

The new reactor that has a diameter of 5 m and a total height of about 24 m has been designed for a temperature of 465 °C at 80 bar. It was made by MAN in Deggendorf and shipped across the Danube to the Albanian port, there it was lifted onto a low loader and transported to the refinery nearby. The logistical planning to complete this feat took a total of 2 years.


Pörner commitment for OMV

In the past the Pörner Group has been repeatedly involved in OMV refurbishment projects, among them, the RD4 Project (replacement of equipment for the crude distillation plant 4) in 2013/14 and Butamax (capacity increase of butadiene production plant). The planning and design took place based on close cooperation between EDL and Pörner Vienna. To optimize the shutdown periods of the plant, detailed erection and operating schedules were prepared prior to the shutdown proper.

Thomas Gangl, head of the Schwechat refinery said, concerning the revamp of the butadiene plant: „We have managed to complete the investment at ten percent below the budgeted € 30 million, as well as a month ahead of schedule. The plant also worked sensationally, right away.“  


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