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More ethylene and propylene for OMV in Burghausen

„First Run on Spec“ thanks to a committed team

Revamp at OMV - Everything according to plan and with precision: The new coldbox is lifted into place.

The OMV Refinery in Burghausen puts its focus on petrochemicals. That’s why naphtha is not processed into gasoline, but into petrochemical feedstocks such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and isobutene. To increase ethylene and propylene production capacity by 50,000 tons per year, the site invested in the expansion and modernization of its cracker facilities and petrochemical refrigeration systems. Apart from the capacity increase, energy efficiency and CO2 savings should be further improved – an essential investment in the future.

Equipment of another dimension and challenging deadlines

In spring 2020, OMV Deutschland awarded the contract for the basic engineering of the PetChem Cracker Creep Revamp project to EDL. After successful completion, EDL was also contracted for the detail engineering, construction supervision and commissioning support in February 2021. The services to be rendered were very complex and included the handling of major equipment packages:

  • replacement of a coldbox (process-related facility to be operated at low temperatures),
  • methane compressor revamp (incl. new 6 kV motor),
  • ethylene compressor revision,
  • replacement of two steam turbines (4 MW and 13 MW),
  • major propylene compressor revision (revamp with improvement in performance and new rotor),
  • control adjustment of the a. m. large-size machines as well as replacement of internals and cold insulation of the 65 m high ethylene splitter.

Within the scope of planning and site work, about 700 instruments and 35 procurement packages were prepared and handled, and 280 pipelines were adapted.

In all activities, an eye was always kept on the time frame – the planned turnaround (TAR) from June to August 2022, since the execution of the PetChem project fell precisely in this time frame, the legally required general inspection of the Burghausen refinery (which was last carried out in 2014). From then on, the motto was: „Four projects, one execution”, meaning the joint implementation of several subprojects: PetChem Cracker Creep Revamp, Replacement Coldbox I, New Insulation Ethylene Splitter und Turbine Reliability & Maintenance Refrigeration System.

Safe or not at all: Successful and safe execution

Under the motto: „Safe or not at all“, and under very challenging site conditions, the EDL team worked their way to mechanical completion of the plant by the target date. This required the support of each individual to achieve the goal of „zero accidents“ through diligence, attentiveness, and cleanliness in their work. Needless to say that in addition to this, technical and commercial goals had to be met, i.e. the necessary work had to be completed in a professional manner, on time and within budget.

Despite commonly known difficulties such as disrupted supply chains, etc., EDL’s team and the partner companies met the target date for mechanical completion at the end of July 2022. Shortly afterwards, the plants were „ready for start-up“ (RFSU) – all according to plan. Four weeks after mechanical completion, the „First Run on Spec“, the production of specification-compliant products, was completed as the final act. Even in this very last phase of hot commissioning, the well-attuned team was able to build on its previous excellent performance in engineering and construction management. This could be achieved only, because all parties involved pooled their strength and expertise in the joint work. In this context, the mutual pragmatic support between OMV, EDL and the partner companies must be highlighted. Correct behavior and the commitment of everyone involved ensured unrestrictedly safe working.

Therefore, EDL would like to express its gratitude again to all members of the team for the cooperative partnership. Project Manager Daniel Mohr adds: “Without their commitment and passion, the project would hardly have been implemented. However, it is an absolute pleasure to execute projects with such a spirit!”


Mag. Lydia Brandtner

Head of Marketing
Pörner Group
Tel.: +43 5 05899-718