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Pörner Group successfully completes three major revamps within the OMV Turnaround 2016

“REVAMPED by Pörner” an investment in the future

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[Translate to Englisch:] Geschäftsführer der Pörner Gruppe, DI Peter Schlossnikel, OMV Asset Development Manager DI Christian Jüttner, EDL-Geschäftsführer Dr. Michael Haid sowie DI Christina Pötzsch (EDL), beobachten den Projektfortschritt auf dem Raffineriegelände in Schwechat.


In April 2016, at OMV in Schwechat (Austria), the TAR 2016 took place. It forms part of the 6-year cycle turnaround, with the aim of increasing the availability and safety of the plants for the next running period, while simultaneously improving efficiency throughout the refinery.

Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Vienna, and its subsidiary EDL Anlagenbau Gesellschaft Leipzig, mechanically completed and handed over three revamp projects to OMV concurrently, during this stop:

  1. Revamp HDS3: reactor exchange of the desulfurization plant
  2. Revamp DEA2: improved product yield of DEA2 and RD4-plant
  3. Revamp RD4: increase production of crude oil distillation plant

The three major revamps had to be finalized almost at the same time within the stop. This meant an engineering, processing and most of all, a planning challenge for the Pörner and EDL engineers. They drew on the experience of more than 60 projects under the label "REVAMPED by Pörner", that have been realized in the last ten years in accordance with the schedules and budgets.

"Under ‘REVAMPED by Pörner’ we strive for triple optimization: first, the engineering - we provide all engineering services from a single source in a complete package for the customer – then, the realization - we ensure a precisely structured schedule for the shortest possible standstill production - and thirdly, in terms of the optimized operation - our aim is that our client has smooth future plant operation, in which all production processes are perfectly matched, so that our client has a competitive plant for years to come." explains Andreas Pörner, CEO of Pörner Group.

Overall, the turnaround involved 13 plants for its modernization, OMV invested EUR 40 million. 12.6 km pipes were renewed and 306 tons of steel were processed. Up to 2,500 additional employees logged 600,000 work hours. The scope of the entire turnarounds, including 15 projects meant about 35,000 work packages - all scheduled to align with the core time of the TAR in April 2016.

The engineers of the two Pörner Group locations have utilized their advantages and special expertise for the project - the Viennese engineers with their project management, knowledge of the site and proximity to customers, and the colleagues in Leipzig with their process engineering competence, vast experience in planning, preparing and logistics planning for revamps. Thus an optimized project structure was created, the efficient and tailor-made management concept offered customers the triple optimization emphasis.

OMV now sees itself, thanks to the new features and enhancements from the turnaround 2016, well prepared for the future in the international competition. The Pörner Group in turn is pleased with 3 more "REVAMPED by Pörner" reference projects that were effectively completed. It resulted in a satisfied customer as well as a successfully optimized plant in every respect, and Pörner is grateful for the confidence placed in it from one of the leading oil companies in Europe.


Total overview of OMV TAR 2016

  • Up to 2,500 employees of partner companies
  • 50 partner companies
  • 600,000 working hours
  • 16 process furnaces
  • 44 columns
  • 478 heat exchangers
  • 503 containers / filters / tanks
  • 1,090 safety valves
  • 2,128 fittings
  • 17 large machines
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