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Refineries representatives meet in Vienna at the CIS Summit

In times of low oil prices, refineries are particularly looking for possibilities to increase their productivity as well as the profitability.

In the last November days refineries representatives of all over the world, especially Eastern Europe and CIS, attended the CIS Downstream Summit in Vienna. The summit is an excellent platform to exchange latest information, to learn about new technologies and applications, as well as to ascertain opportunities for future operations.


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As a “bottom-to-barrel” specialist, with the worldwide proven Biturox® technology for the manufacturing of high quality road paving bitumen and the Solvent Deasphalting technology with the company's own pilot plants, the Pörner Group presented the almost complete processing of heavy refinery residues as well as their technology portfolio for speciality products for the modern lube oil production.  


In his lecture, Albert Traxler, Head of Sales in CIS for the Pörner Group, introduced technologies with the ability to provide several opportunities for refineries, to increase their profits. According to a study, there will be a reduction in the market share for base oil of Group API I up to 2030, whereas the market for base oil Group API II/III is expected to grow continuously together with the lube oil speciality products, like waxes, petrojelly, tender oils, etc. in the following years. The favourable margins make investments and optimizations for lube oil refineries increasingly attractive. 


The Pörner Group hosted together with SOCAR the round table “Bottom-to-barrel”, where the discussion focus was on scenarios concerning the changes taking place in the market for shipping fuel (bunker oil). The Pörner Group demonstrated with the combination of the two technologies, SDA and Biturox, an integrated solution to the complete processing of refinery residues and the manufacturing value niche products. This technology differs by considerably lower investment costs compared to other processes, like carbonization, gasification or deep cracking.

The conference attendees took part with interest in the OMV refinery tour in Schwechat. The tour passed a lot of units and plants, where the Pörner Group was and is actually involved in their construction or modernization.  There are also several projects “Revamped by Pörner” to be realized at refineries in the CIS.


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