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Wax moulding unit in Alexandria

In October 2014 the wax moulding production unit of Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC) started in extended operation after a 14 days shut down. The annual quantity of paraffin, that AMOC is able to produce by now, would supply the whole city of Vienna with candles.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Mit insgesamt acht Produktionslinien können jährlich über 23.000 Tonnen reines Paraffinwachs erzeugt werden

Wax moulding unit operating fully again in Alexandria

In October 2013 AMOC assigned S.C. POERNER ROMANIA S.R.L. to extend the existing wax moulding unit from six to eight production lines, because of the steadily growing demand of pure paraffin waxes for the industries.

Eight production lines can produce up to 23,000 TPA pure paraffin waxes

The scope of works comprised the Turn-key Engineering of the complete unit extension, including basic and detailed engineering, procurement and supply of the new components, adaption of the cooling system, exchange of the complete control system (PLC) as well as construction supervision and commissioning.


The Pörner Group has an extensive know-how about process technology for waxes as well as wax application, especially about spray micronization and wax slabbing. In 2000 Pörner did the process design for the wax production unit and provided the key equipment as well as the complete line control system.

Each production line can be configured seperately depending to the requirements by the control system

To increase the 25% capacity extension the whole wax temperature control was completely re-designed for the production unit and the two new production lines were improved with an updated process design.

The Unit

The wax moulding production unit produces and exports un-hydro-treated paraffin wax as well as hydro-treated paraffin wax for the candle manufacturing as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetically and food industries.

Wax, a by-product of the lube oil production, is to be heated up to 90° C, poured into moulds and cooled down. Afterwards the panels, each with a weight of 5 kg, are packed into cardboards, one containing five panels for further transportation.

With a capacity of 4.8 TPH there can be produced 23,040 TPA pure paraffin by 2-shift operations. This amount corresponds to 1,152 truck loadings.


Ancient Alexandria was founded in 331 b.Ch. by Alexander the Great. The city developed itself rapidly to an important centre and was known for its Light-House (Pharos, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) and its Big Library.

Today, Alexandria, with a population of more than 4.3 mill., is the second biggest city after Kairo and the second most important industrial site of Egypt. Major industrial sectors are textile-, motor vehicle-, chemical-, petrochemical- and food-industries. At Alexandria’s seaport (the largest of Egypt) 80% of the international Egyptian trade are handled.


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