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Range of Services Civil/Structural/Architecture

The Civil Engineering Department of the Pörner Group is able to cover the entire range of structural engineering services:

  • Preliminary design, submission
  • Structural design
  • detailed planing
  • Documentation, mass calculation, tendering and procurement assistance
  • Technical and commercial management
  • Project management and control
  • Site supervision
  • Planning and site coordination by BauKG
  • Test engineering and completion notice
  • Building physics and energy control
Conceptual design, basic design, submission

In plant engineering and structural projects it is crucial the technical and commercial aspects to be dealt with early by the C/S/A experts in the conceptual stage in order to minimize future building costs. It is the only way to reach the main objective, i.e. optimization of cost and time schedule of the overall project including the civil works. It saves money for the project owner.

Contacting authorities early enough and the experience of the civil engineers with due regard to the statutory requirements save time in the extensive permitting procedures and expedite completion.

Structural design

The structural analyses are done using most advanced software and 3-D methods of calculation. The structures are thus optimized in terms of engineering and cost-efficiency and it is possible to accommodate the different requirements as occurring in industrial construction, building construction or even architecturally discriminating projects.

Engineering drawings for concrete, steel and wood also come as 3-D plans depending on the requirements and complexity.

Detail design

Besides detailed engineering drawings we supply basic designs, architectural details and complex underground details. Our experts always give due regard to the requirements of architectural design, building physics, fire prevention and other engineering rules.

Bill of quantities, Material take-off, Tendering, Contract award assistance

Bills of quantities are usually prepared using specific tendering software with specific service items added by the Pörner Group to the standard bill of quantities. It helps to adapt the bills optimally to the project concerned. An in-depth comparison of bids ensures the best bidder being selected.

Engineering and commercial management

As part of the engineering and commercial management of a project the Pörner Group represents the client both in the planning and the construction phase. The services also include overall coordination, negotiations with authorities and all parties involved in planning or execution.

Project management, Supporting control

Based on a great number of references of large-scale projects executed in Austria and elsewhere the Pörner Group can show the benefits of a proactive project management. By taking a responsible position the project owner can make use of the Pörner Group’s expertise advantage.

Supporting control means for the project owner permanent information on the current situation when it comes to quality, costs and time schedule, checking for compliance with specifications and detection of any variation and taking the necessary corrective action without delay.

Site supervision

Local construction supervision makes sure that all services are rendered on time and within the budget. A permanent control of construction is essential for the quality of the overall project and performance-related billing of the professionals commissioned.

Our specially trained engineers work at construction sites both at home and abroad and are dedicated to meeting the quality requirements and keeping the project within the budget and time schedule agreed.

Planning and site coordination in accordance with the BauKG

The Pörner experts’ training and work experience guarantee the planning and design being conformable to law and protective and safety measures both at sites and for future maintenance and repair adhered to.

The planning coordinator issues the health and safety plan and the document for future activities.

As site coordinator we supervise the proper application of working methods and coordinate and control the observance of the statutory safety requirements at site.

Test engineer services and completion notice

Pörner ZT GmbH as member of the Pörner Group is authorized to do all tests and give completion notices according to the requirements of the relevant states.

In this connection the required inspections are made, acceptance reports issued and the documents required by the authorities compiled and issued.

Building physics, Energy pass

The buildings are optimized in terms of sound insulation, heat insulation and energy efficiency.

Energy passes are issued for the relevant Austrian states in accordance with the OIB Guideline 6 (Energy Saving and Heat Loss Protection).