Bioethanol plant
Epoxy and synthetic resins plant
Biturox® process plant
Propane de-asphalting plant
Mobile air separation plant
FCC overcracking plant with C3 splitter
Biturox® Bitumen
Natural gas treating plant

The Pörner Group

The Pörner Group is the leading independent engineering contractor for process plants in Central Europe, with principal offices in Vienna, Austria.

With over 40 years of experience in the process industry, Pörner employs more than 500 engineers and specialists at seven subsidiaries, in four countries. The company offers a full range of engineering services for both new and refurbished process plants for:


Pörner is the world wide number one in bitumen oxidation. The Biturox® Oxidation Process produces high-quality bitumen from a wide range of crudes and refines intermediate products through chemical converison. Up until now, nearly 50 Biturox® plants have been licensed and constructed by Pörner worldwide.


”Our plants have the certain plus in innovation, flexibility and productivity”



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