Stories of Success

2015: Pörner nominated for the State Award for consulting

With the project "Clean Air for Siberia: Planning a desulfurization plant for Norilsk Nickel" Pörner gained a nomination for the Austrian State Award for Consulting - Engineering Consulting 2015. The planned off-gas desulphurisation plant for the nickel plant in Norilsk / Russia will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 95%. The three-year, internationally acclaimed mega project, containing 25 sub plants, was headed by Pörner Grimma and contributes significantly to the environmental protection of the entire Arctic Circle.


2012: 20 Years of Pörner Grimma

The success of the technology-oriented plant engineering strategy can be measured by the large number of references and satisfied customers. Some of them attended the 20 years jubilee in Grimma.

Since nine years Pörner Grimma has been serving as the technology center for Formalin and Derivate within the Pörner Group.

Meanwhile numerous process plants of this technology branch were successfully designed with international partners and operated by EPCM-contracts in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, USA and Canada.

Pörner Grimma is confident of the future because of the international competence and their currently 30 specialists who successfully completed so many projects.

2007: 15 years of Pörner Grimma

In June 2007 the 15th anniversary of Pörner Grimma was celebrated with over 100 guests at Kulturscheune of the Nimbschen Monastery nearby Grimma.

With a progressive, highly motivated and trained young team of currently 25 Pörner Grimma will be expanding its range of services and working on the development of new technologies. The main focus is amongst others a special technology for the extraction of amorphous silica out of rice husk.


2003: Pörner Grimma becomes the formalin and derivatives technology centre

When EDL in Leipzig was acquired in 2003 the Pörner Group opted for a new strategy.

Since that time Pörner Grimma has been the Formalin and DerivativesTechnology Centre. Most recent projects for plants of this technology family have been undertaken and put into operation in Hungary Germany Czech Republic Russia USA Canada.

1996: Good partnership with TECNIMONT

The TPI joint venture ended with the completion of the large-scale project of the PP plant at Schkopau  and both partners went separate ways again.

The good partnership between TECNIMONT and the Pörner Group remained, however, which is reflected by a large number of successful joint projects of major scale. As recently as 2006 another PE plant was completed for PCS at Schwechat and 2007 a HDPE plant for BASELL in Münchsmünster.

1994: Huge growth by major contracts

Shortly after its establishment a joint venture was set up at the same location with the longtime partner of the Pörner Group, TECNIMONT Spa, Milan - TPI Tecnimont-Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft. The following years saw an immense growth of the company. And so it did not take long before space became scarce and it was decided in 1994 to move into the completely converted and most carefully renovated company building built in 1903 in Leipziger Strasse 52. The new seat, an old villa providing a space of 750 m2 was chosen to be centrally located in Europe.

1992: The first branch abroad

By establishing a branch in the East of Germany Pörner took another step towards expansion. On January 30, 1992 the German Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft was established in the Saxon district town of Grimma, the former headquarters of the East German plant engineering state holding company where it took its seat in a newly adapted office building. Organized and structured similar to the parent company in Vienna a fully integrated engineering firm was set up in a record time providing engineering services to the chemical and process industries in the boom years after the reunification of the two Germanies.

In a joint venture "Tecnimont-Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft" (TPI) with the Italian plant engineering contractor Tecnimont the Grimma office did the general planning for large-scale projects: a hydrogen peroxide plant at Bitterfeld, a starch plant at Barby for CERESTAR and a PP plant for Dow Chemicals at Schkopau.


The large-scale projects executed in cooperation with Pörner in Vienna - hydrogen peroxide plant for the MONTEDISON GROUP at Bitterfeld and wheat starch plant for CERESTAR at Barby - the internationally recognized and proven "Pörner Quality" could be implemented within a very short period of time.