Selected References

Pörner Romania has established a good reputation in plant engineering over the last years especially on the Romanian market.

300 projects and a lot of repeat orders speak for the competence of the staff. 


Liquid Petrol Gas Loading facility

Turn-key construction of a LPG loading station for tank trucks with a capacity of 240 TPD

  • Client: OMV Petrom SA
  • Location: Petrobrazi / Romania
  • Scope of work:
    • Basic engineering
    • Authority engineering
    • Detailed  engineering 
    • Project management
    • Procurement
    • Site supervision 
    • Commissioning
  • Commissioning: 2015

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BPTG - Back Pressure Turbine & Generator

Installation of a 5,8 MW Back Pressure Turbine for electricity production with HP/MP (high pressure/medium pressure) and MP/LP steam back pressure with 6 kV/50Hz electric power generator

  • Customer: OMV Petrom SA
  • Location: Petrobrazi / Romania
  • Scope of work:
    • EPCM incl.:
    • Authority engineering
    • Detail engineering
    • Procurement
    • Expediting
    • Construction supervision
    • pre-commissioning and start-up
    • operator training
  • Commissioning: 2015

Wax Moulding Unit

Capacity extension of an existing wax moulding unit for candle manufacturer, pharmaceutical, cosmetical and food industry

  • Client: Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC)
  • Location: Alexandria / Ägypten
  • Scope of work:
    • Detailed Engineering
    • Basic Engineering
    • Procurement and supply of new components
    • Adaption of the existing cooling system
    • Exchange of the Control system (PLC)
    • Construction supervision
    • Commissioning
  • Commissioning: 2014

LPG Loading Plant

Planning of a revamp and extension of a liquid gas loading plant incl. safety engineering

  • Client: Petrom
  • Location: Petrobrazi / Romania
  • Scope of work:
    • EPCM incl.:
    • Detailed engineering
    • Procurement
    • Project management
    • Commissioning
    • Documentation
  • Commissioning: 2012

Gasoline-Blending Plant

Complete electrical/I&C engineering of a Gasoline-Blending Plant that mixes various gasoline components to few specific gasoline mixtures  

  • Client: Kremsmüller / Romania for Petrom
  • Location: Pitesti / Romania
  • Scope of Services: 
    • Autohority engineering
    • Detail Engineering
    • Procurement, expediting and supply of all plant parts and spare parts
    • Commissioning and start-up of instrumentation and automation
  • Commissionning: 2009

Further references

SYSCOM - Vapour Return System

In 2008 Pörner Romania was commissioned by S.C. SYSCOM 18 S.R.L. with the detail engineering and preparation of the documents needed to acquire certificates and approvals (authority engineering) for a vapour return system in Bacau and Timisoara.

According to European and Romanian environmental regulations both a pressure equalization system and a vapour recovery system had to be retrofitted at both Petrom locations. The new system reduces the emission of volatile hydrocarbons produced during the storage and transfer, recovers and returns the same in liquid form for  further use. 

Refinery - Sour Gas Removal

Detail engineering for a sour gas removal system (amine wash) including process simulation and specifications of columns and all related equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, measuring equipment, electrical system etc.) 

Refinery - DGRS Plant

Detail engineering of a DGRS plant including process simulation, specifications of columns and the stripper and all related equipment, commissioning and start-up.

WABAG - Wastewater plant

In 2008 Pörner Romania was commissioned by WABAG Water Services S.R.L with the detail engineering including project management, authority engineering and piping design for an existing wasterwater plant at the Petrobrazi Refinery. With this upgrade the plant is to meet applicable national and European standards.

PETROM - Condensate System

Pörner Romania was commissioned by PETROM with the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the revamp of the existing condensate system at the Arpechim refinery. This revamp is to improve the quality and quantity of the condensate and heat recovery.